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CASE STUDY 6:  Southern States

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Southern States is a $ 35 million manufacturing company that provides a wide selection of products and services that enable the safe transmission and distribution of energy.


Situation - New IT manager hired, existing managed service provider (MSP) only supported half the servers, some of storage, none of the network.  Only 2 IT people – help desk lady and a contractor for network.  New IT manager contacted MinervaWorks, concerned about access credentials, operational issues, security issues, etc.  MinervaWorks suggested the Brick as an initial step.


Response - MW team configures Brick and installs at Southern States.  Immediate details provided that showed critical system issues.  Immediately resolved issues when communicated to existing MSP and the on-site contractor.  Provided Brick dashboards to Southern States IT team and contractor.

Southern States IT manager saw the value in the Brick capabilities, ordered a Gold Level Brick for 12 months ($ 24,000 contract).  Brick remained in-place and additional devices were added.  Very robust 100 node capability now operating at Southern States. 

Southern States IT manager then asked for systems & storage audit due to concerns about MSP not providing services and contractor not watching entire environment.  Additionally,  IT manager needed complete administrative access to ALL systems, which he was lacking.  MinervaWorks used the Brick and provided an onsite resource for two (2) days, then provided a findings report.

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