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"The Brick" 

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"The Brick" 

MinervaWorks has developed a product, The Brick, that performs in-depth network, system, platform and cyber security analytics. The Brick is a set of integrated software-based capabilities that have been combined with an edge computing platform to create an easy-to-install appliance.  For the more sophisticated customers there are virtual software versions with identical capabilities.

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End-user Computing:

The management of all end-user computing devices.  All device hardware and software configurations, cyber security posture of each device, remote management, remote tracking and location of all devices


The management of all server and storage devices.  All device hardware and software configurations, cyber security posture of each device, remote monitoring and management


The management of all network devices, including routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points.  All device hardware and software configurations, cyber security posture of each device, remote monitoring and management

Cyber Security:

Data is immediately reported and analyzed for cyber posture and to expose vulnerabilities, including the discovery of rogue IT network devices or systems, unauthorized platform access and the unauthorized movement of data.


The upstream benefits are delivered when these data, metrics and analytics are integrated with those of social media, business systems or other business dashboards:

Customer Experience:

Monitors network traffic, identifies top network users, captures large file movements, predicts and avoids system and network outages, and system availability ensuring customers have guaranteed system and services availability at all times.  Additionally, The Brick can feed customer count data, mobile application metrics, guest usage patterns and other associated marketing and sales data.

Regulatory & Compliance Requirements:

All Brick analytics contribute to the requirements for data protection and management within the MinervaWorkfs focus markets - healthcare (HIPAA), hospitality (PCI, GDPR) and defense (NIST, FedRamp)

Asset Discovery:

Identifies all IT assets by model and serial number captures all hardware and software licenses and versions, enabling for technology asset management by tying asset data to financial tracking of technology costs and budgets.

With these capabilities, The Brick makes customer engagements “sticky” since The Brick remains in the customers’ environment and as such, customers contract for additional MinervaWorks services.

Additional Technology Services:

The Company will provide additional IT security and compliance services with The Brick, which sees all network activity from any device connected on the any network, even rogue networks.  These services will ensure customers’ compliance for Sarbanes – Oxley, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), Health Insurance Portability And Accountability (HIPAA) and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), where companies must report via audit that their network security configurations are compliant.


MinervaWorks has virtualized the Brick technology and is remotely deploying it to provide a “Brick Compliance as a Remote Service” to provide more detailed network configuration feedback to customers. This would allow the Company to scale from large customers who want a permanent “Brick” installation to a “Brick-by-the-hour” virtual service for other smaller customers.

Specialized Capabilities: The Company will also develop specialized capabilities in the Internet of Things (IoT) for healthcare and hospitality customers and specialized versions for cyber security governance (HIPAA) for healthcare, hospitality and defense.

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