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CASE STUDY 4:  Miller Clapperton 

Other Case Studies:


Miller-Clapperton Partnership is a $ 110 million manufacturing of building architectural products.  MCP has a staff of 57 and 140 production workers in 3 locations.


MinervaWorks has partnerships with a variety of technology hardware and software providers.  One such partner recommended MinervaWorks to MCP when MCP had a major email outage.  MCP does 85% of its business order quoting and processing via email and as such their business was severely hampered with the outage.


Time was of the essence so MinervaWorks dispatched a technician to MCP armed with The Brick.  Within a few hours’ drive, the technician arrived, installed The Brick and had data flowing to the cloud.  The technician worked with existing technology staff to get access credentials while the MinervaWorks remote team analyzed the data and uncovered the root cause – logs had not been properly deleted, filling critical storage space with junk files.  Within a few hours, using the remote access mechanism of The Brick, the team had the email flowing and full business operations were restored.  MinervaWorks used The Brick to conduct a health check for MCP on ALL technology platforms, providing in-depth reports so that the MCP staff could resolve pending issues within the environment. 

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