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CASE STUDY 1:  Georgia Aquarium 

Other Case Studies:

The Georgia Aquarium is the largest public aquarium in North America and one of the top aquarium attractions in the world.  A non-profit entity, the Aquarium has 350 employees and revenues of $ 180 million per year.


Several years ago, the Georgia Aquarium’s technology infrastructure was failing to support the business, limiting guest counts per day to slightly above 5,000 per day.  A combination of on-going network outages, system failures, storage problems, cyber security incidents and website capacity issues were the factors affecting the staff’s ability to support large numbers of guests.  Plus the existing IT staff was not appropriately skilled and had no monitoring and management tools to support their efforts.


MinervaWorks was engaged in a consulting role to assess the technology infrastructure, determine the root cause of the outages and cyber breaches and make recommendations to resolve all issues.  MinervaWorks immediately installed The Brick into the Aquarium network and in real-time began receiving the key data to make a quick and accurate assessment of the situation.  Network bandwidth issues were uncovered, network device configurations were mis-matched, system patches were not up-to-date, storage capacity was limited, the cyber security posture of all devices allowed for security and data compromises plus many more such issues. 


Robust and timely data from The Brick plus MinervaWorks’ extensive experience in this area allowed MinervaWorks to create a strategic plan to overcome the issues and bring the Aquarium into an excellent operational, security and financial posture. Today, the Aquarium enjoys regular days with guest attendance exceeding 15,000 and in July of 2019 set a single day attendance record of 24,147.  MinervaWorks continues to be a key partner to the Aquarium, providing 100% of all technology support and services.

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