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CASE STUDY 5:  Foundation Geotextiles 

Other Case Studies:


Foundation Geotextiles is a $ 4 million manufacturing company that provides erosion control fabrics to the geological and construction markets.  FGT has a staff of 5 and 30 production workers in its operation.


FGT was an acquisition by a new management team but one area where there was limited due diligence was in the area of technology.  As such, the technology profile of FGT was inadequate to support efficient business operations.  FGT contacted MInervaWorks for help in taking their technology platforms to an appropriate level.


MinervaWorks sent The Brick to the management team with simple instructions on installation.  Once installed, The Brick began to communicate key data and metrics to the MinervaWorks cloud.  The MinervaWorks team immediately resolved two problems using the remote access and control mechanisms within The Brick – router misconfigurations which prevented proper Internet connectivity and vulnerable desktop PCs that could easily be cyber security compromised. 


The Brick continues to be operational, providing the MinervaWorks team with the necessary data and metrics to remotely support FGT. A such FGT has not had to invest in staff for such support and utilizes MInervaWorks as their on-going technology support organization.

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