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MinervaWorks provided an assessment of our technology infrastructure – everything from our locally-hosted websites to our end-user PC configurations

  - Dr. Timothy Mullican Chief Zoological Officer


technology consulting, architecture, engineering, platform management and operational support to help clients bring their technology platforms up-to-date, leading to technological and digital transformation for their businesses


Building Technology Solutions

Since 1986

"The Brick" 

Technology Probe

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Flexible Technology Consulting

MinervaWorks provides a flexible offering of our services.  The client can engage with us at any point along the wheel, utilizing selected services as needed but with the ability to follow the natural progression of our services to meet their changing needs or better track their business dynamics.

The Weel - Final.png

The client is both at the center and the edge of the Flexible Technology Consulting service wheel, reflecting MinervaWorks commitment to the client at the center, with the easy and quick adoption of new clients from the edge into our results-focused approach.

Core Services


MinervaWorks provides technology audits, assessments and evaluations of your existing technology platforms using our unique discovery methodology and our Brick technology.  We can determine if your technology platforms and processes are meeting your present business needs.  We can develop strategic plans that lead to technology and digital transformation, matching the needs of your business to appropriate technological advances


MinervaWorks provides the technical expertise to understand business needs, aligning those needs to the architect and design technology platforms utilizing industry standards and requirements definition.  Our architectures combine the platform with the process to ensure functional platforms are matched with operational procedures for effective technology results. 


MinervaWorks provides the technical expertise to translate architectures into reality through detailed design efforts, leading to technology and vendor evaluations, selection criteria and resulting in a detailed bill of materials.  We provide Program and Project Management to create implementation plans that build-out the needed environments for the business.

Platform Management

MinervaWorks provides teams for the management of technology platforms and environments.  Our Service Desk utilizes tools and processes that adhere to ITIL best practices with the offering of basic level zero (L0) support for ticketing and monitoring through escalating levels of technical expertise (L1, L2, L3, Management).  The Platform Management team also provides availability and capacity management utilizing additional tools and processes.


MinervaWorks prides itself on providing excellent value to our clients.  As such, our Operational teams ensure that we meet the obligations and deliverables of our client agreements.  This team provides all aspects of customer care, from contract management to client surveys, key performance indicator (KPI) management and reporting and on-going account management.

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